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Join the Vol Navy!

It’s not until you watch a game with your fellow volunteers that you can really get the sense of where “we bleed orange” originated. It’s something about the thrill of the win, the community of a football game, the sea of orange apparel and the rich smell of Tennessee BBQ in the air that really lets you know that you have arrived to a TN Vol’s game.

Tellico Village has many amenities, but one of the inherited additions of living in East Tennessee during football season is you get a free pass to join the Vol Navy.

Neyland Stadium, located on the Tennessee River, is one of only two college football venues easily accessible by boat / lake. Enjoy a day trip with the family to a lakeside restaurant in route to watch the Vol’s game. Or even better, tie up at the boat dock and enjoy watching the game among a community of fellow volunteers known as nothing less than the “Vol Navy.” Known for gathering as early as Tuesdays on game week, the Vol Navy is a loose knit community of boaters and water enthusiasts that gather outside Neyland Stadium for a week and/or weekend of camaraderie and football.