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Winter Wonderland Meets House Hunting

A common misconception of house hunting is that people should buy and move into a new home during primary real estate months such as spring and summer. With warmer weather and sunny skies, touring homes and moving in mig­ht seem more appealing during warmer months. However, further research shows that avoiding peak season can be the “break” you’ve been looking for in finding your next home!

Just as you are urged to wait until warmer weather, so a­re the rest of the house hunters. House hunting in the winter is like attending a theme park on a cloudy day, you get the same experience with 1/3 of the hassle!

In many markets, winter means there are less houses on the market, thus lower inventory. With this being the case, sellers will be more willing to negotiate while also ensuring you have less competition for the home you want! Not to mention that fewer buyers in the market will have supply exceeding demand for a lower price that better fits your family’s budget.

Buy a home in the winter and avoid multiple offers while also having the upper hand on negotiations! Winter may be cold and dreary at times, but that doesn’t mean your winter house hunting experience will be.

Crye Leike Realtors of Tellico Village are here to help you find your dream home. Tellico Village is the perfect place to start looking for a place to call home. Residing near the Great Smokey Mountains while indulging in lakeside living is why Tellico Village has been voted one of the best places to retire in Tennessee! Don’t take our word for it, contact one of our realtors to tour a home today!

Want to learn more about house hunting in the East Tennessee and Tellico Village area? We’re here to help! Contact us today!

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