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Winter Golfing

There’s nothing quite like playing a round of golf at Tellico Village in the summer with your friends. Drinking cold beverages and practicing your new swing. In most cases, when winter comes, so do the closed greens and courses. Especially up north, winter results in shelving your clubs until warmer weather. One benefit of living in East Tennessee, and Tellico Village, is golf is a year-round sport! Yes, you heard correctly! If there is no snow on the ground, courses will be open for play!

Tips for staying warm on the course:

Ditch the Cart: To ensure you re­­ally stay warm throughout your round, walk the course instead of using your cart. Tellico Village courses have walkways and level ground that make walking the course less taxing than most.  (Tellico is not flat, haha and you could also use a push cart instead, great exercise. If a riding cart is a must then covered cart and a propane heater is a great idea.­­

Accessories: Keep your toes and fingers warm! Investing in a good pair of winter golf gloves and a pair of wool socks is a must.

Layers: Utilize the latest lightweight weather gear to ensure you stay warm without a bunch of sweaters messing up your golf swing.

Hand Warmers: Hand warmers will be your new best friend between holes. Shake them before you hit the course to ensure they will be warm and ready by the first hole! If you keep them in your jacket pocket, you ensure you have your very own pocket heater!

Beverages: Bring some hot chocolate or coffee in a thermos and enjoy some warm beverage breaks.

Ball: Should there be snow, a colored golf ball is recommended to ensure you aren’t looking for a needle in a haystack!

Winter golf is a different game than summer golf. There are never any back ups or slow play and the pond you have trouble carrying every year is frozen over. Are you new to the area or thinking about buying a home in East Tennessee? Crye Leike Realty in Tellico Village is a great source of information for anything you want to know about the area, community or southern lifestyle. Join our community here at Tellico Village and enjoy golfing year round!

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