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Tellico Village is Shaping Our Future

The POA and Long Range Planning Advisory Committee (LRPAC) conducted a Town Hall on June 6, 2018. Over 370 Villagers attended the event. At the Town Hall Kick-o , Bruce Johnson, Bart Margoshes, and Wayne Enderle discussed:

• Background on the current Strategic Plan
• Some of the major challenges Tellico will be facing in the future
• The process for developing the updated Strategic Plan’s recommendations

Topics discussed at the Town Hall were long term recommendations for our infrastructure, amenities, lifestyle and other needs to keep Tellico Village a great, vibrant place to live. The reasons for updating the Long Range Strategic Plan are: the 2008 great recession ended; we have experienced significant growth and demographic changes; our property values have increased; our Village has aged; and maintenance costs have increased.

The final recommendations will include your input, data regarding anticipated growth of the Village, the impact from growth on our amenities, and updated external bench marking from competitive communities. As property owners, we own the Village and the quality of life that it provides to us. The Long Range Strategic Plan is a key road map for maintaining and improving the quality of the village, our way of life, and ultimately, our property values.

The attendees were asked to provide input by asking attendees to choose a vision statement that best ts their view of how Tellico Village should plan for the future (6-20 years). The three vision statements were:

1. Maintain the village as it is without adding additional amenities or expanding existing facilities. Assessments and fees are only increased for existing infrastructure maintenance and inflation.

2. Maintain what we have, adding amenities only when needed and justified. Assessments and fees are raised only enough to pay for infrastructure maintenance and justified amenities.

3. Tellico Village will set the standard for active adult communities by continuously improving our community and by adapting to our property owners’ changing needs. Assessments and fees are increased to achieve a best in class community with a high quality lifestyle but remain competitive.

Three hundred fifty one attendees responded. 52% of respondents chose number two, 46% chose number 3, and 2% chose number 1. It is important to note that this is not a representative sample of the entire TV. The same 3 visions will be on the upcoming questionnaire so it is very important that all property owners ll out the questionnaire in order to get a representative sample of TV property owners’ vision for Tellico Village.

Attendees were also requested to submit written questions to the panel consisting of Bart Margoshes, Bruce Johnson, and Wayne Enderle. Several questions were answered during the Q&A session but an additional 250 written questions were submitted and are being answered on Tellico Life. Go to Tellico Village is Shaping our Future on Tellico Life.

The Town Hall Kicko was the first step in obtaining Villager input. It is critical that all residents and property owners become involved in shaping our future. We need your input so that the 2019 Strategic Plan is supported by you and reflects your needs. Over the next 6 months there will be regular communications and opportunities for Villagers to participate in the plan’s development. A questionnaire will be rolled out on August 6, 2018. The questionnaire will address the future needs of Tellico Village. Later in the year focus groups will be held to discuss the questionnaire results in more depth. Information will be delivered to all property owners through The Telegram, POA Quarterly Report, The Connection, Tellico Life, HOA and NV websites, and Tellico Village Broadcasting.

Tellico Village is our home and it is essential that your voice is heard.

Source: TVPOA Tell-E-Gram, PDF Here

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