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Adding Value .5 Miles at Time

Recreation has been at the subject of many recent conversations in the last couple of months with the Wellness Center grand reopening. We are extremely pleased with the updates that were made to the facilities, which included new fitness equipment and refinishing the pool. However, these are not the only progressive actions that the Recreation Department has taken to enhance the Tellico Village lifestyle.

Other than the newly redesigned Wellness Center, there are also multiple ways to be active and enjoy the outdoors here in the Village other than the lake or golf course. We take exceptional pride in our hiking trails, which are available due largely in part to the vision of Recreation Director Simon Bradbury, as well as the dedication of the Public Works Department and several Village volunteers affectionately known as the “Chain Gang.”

A special thanks for our volunteers is in order. We would like to thank Ron Hunker, Steve Shuman, Bob Sagan, Curt Mitchell, TL Ratcliff, Brian Johnson, Bob Gregory, and Gary Mulliner. Also, thank you to anyone who has helped and is still helping out with this massive undertaking, and for helping to make the Village a better place.

Tellico Village currently has around 13 miles of hiking trails including those in Kahite, with plans to continue expansion of the trail network. Recreation Director, Simon Bradbury, has plans for over 20 additional miles of trails in the future.

Recent expansion includes a one mile extension onto the current Toqua trail connecting it to 444 where it will go under the bridge and connect to the Powerline trail. This trail will take you all the way to the POA office. At the Wellness Center, the Chain Gang Break Trail was recently completed with the addition of .37 miles.

Although I’ve been to many ribbon cuttings and trail openings, I did not have the opportunity to take advantage of the trails until recently. My wife and I finally got the chance to go out and experience them ourselves. I was thoroughly impressed with the hard work of all those involved in creating these trails. They have created a network with a wide range of trail types, from natural to paved, that will please every level of hiker. To have amenities like these readily available so close is something that we shouldn’t take for granted. As we head into cooler weather and the leaves proceed to change, I encourage you to try one of our many trails and enjoy the natural beauty of Tellico Village.

Source: Tell-e-gram. Download yours here.

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