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Long Range Strategic Plan Update

Long Range Planning Advisory Committee

Over 40% of Tellico Village property owners completed the Long Range Strategic Plan (LRSP) Questionnaire. This level of participation is unprecedented and the Long Range Planning Advisory Committee (LRPAC) wants to thank all you who took the time to help, “Shape Our Future”. This input will be an important element in the committee’s nal recommendations to the POA. The final LRSP will include other sources of information including data analysis and forecasting, benchmarking other active adult communities, focus groups, and much more. We are still analyzing the results which include reviewing over 1,900 comments. As promised, one of the basic tenets of the LRPAC is communication and transparency. Therefore the LRPAC will now share some partial and preliminary results.


  • 61% of respondents chose the following vision statement: Maintain what we have, adding amenities only when needed and justified. Assessments and fees will be raised only enough to pay for infrastructure maintenance and justified amenities.
  • 33% of respondents chose the following vision statement: Tellico Village will set the standard for active adult communities by continuously improving our community and by adapting to our property owners’ changing needs. Assessments and fees will be increased to achieve a best in class community with a high-quality lifestyle but remain competitive and fiscally stable.
  • 5% of respondents chose the following vision statement: Maintain the Village as it is without adding additional amenities or expanding existing facilities. Assessments and fees will only be increased for existing infrastructure maintenance and inflation.
  • The “Vision” results were similar across age and residency bands.
  • 51% of respondents want to keep TV primarily as a retirement community and 38% supported encouraging working adults and families to move into TV.


  • 85% of respondents were 60-79 years of age; 9% were younger than 59; 6% were older than 80.
  • 38% of households had lived in the Village less than 5 years; 21% 5-10; 33% 11-20; 9% 20+ years.

Top Priorities

  • Village finances, aesthetics and environment, growth, recreational amenities, and property owners’ vision for the future of the Village were chosen as the 5 top priorities.
  • Finance was the number 1 priority issue.
  • 84% of respondents are satis ed with TV’s aesthetics but many comments suggested concern for the future. Concerns included maintaining our natural environment and enforcement of Village rules.
  • Our restaurants, recreational facilities, waterfront, and golf were all chosen as enhancing the value of TV. Commercial businesses had the lowest percentage of responses to this question.
  • Overwhelmingly, our recreational facilities (golf, wellness center, etc.) met or exceeded expectations.


  • 67% of respondents were very satisfied or satisfied with our current and projected growth, 13% were very dissatisfied or dissatisfied.
  • When asked how the POA should approach growth 53% of respondents chose “encourage growth and plan for it” while 38% chose “allow growth to occur passively”

The next step in the development of the Long Range Strategic Plan will be conducting focus groups. Over 600 Villagers volunteered to participate in the focus groups. These will occur in November so stay tuned.

If you have any questions for the LRPAC about the Long Range Strategic Plan you may submit your questions or comments at:

Source: Tell-e-gram. Download yours here.

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