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Don’t Get “Board” this Winter!

As temperatures drop and the chance for snow rises in Tellico Village, it’s time to start looking for activities we can enjoy indoors with family and friends without having to break out the jacket. The next time you get bored, play some of these card and board games!


Grab three other friends and pair up in teams of two for this exciting card game! Try to shoot the moon and get the full 200 points each round by catching the other team’s cards with the rook. This card game is great to play with a small group of friends.


Don’t lose your marbles playing this game! This is another board game for up to four people where the goal is to be the first person to get all your marbles home. The “aggravating” part comes when you capture another player’s marbles or get your marbles captured by an opponent.


This crazy eights style card game will have you “wild” with all its stops and reverses. Work to get rid of all your cards and try not to get a draw four. Be the first person with one card left to yell “UNO!” to win! This is a great game to play with kids!


Scrabble combines the fun of a word puzzle with the critical thinking skills of a strategy game. Expand your vocabulary as you try to create words that will get you the most points. This is a great game for people of all ages.


Qwirkle is a fun board game for your next family game night. It requires strategy and mathematical skills as you try to place tiles with colors and shapes in a pattern. It is known for keeping the brain happy and healthy.

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