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Meet United Way

Unfortunately, many of our fellow citizens, primarily women and children, are subjected to physical, sexual and mental abuse at the hands of coworkers, spouses and family members. Fortunately, for the victims of this abuse there are four agencies in Loudon County that are partnered with United Way that help mitigate the e ects this abuse has on the victims. The four agencies are Iva’s Place, the Kids First Child Advocacy Center (CAC), The Sexual Assault Center of East Tennessee, and Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of the Ninth Circuit Court. Each of these o ers support to the victims in unique ways.

Iva’s Place o ers a safe-haven physical shelter for women and children who are subjected to abuse by a partner or family member. These shelters, either apartments or rooms, o er a safe, secure haven where victims can, without fear of further abuse, get their lives back together and eventually move back into the community. While sheltered, they are provided instruction in life skills such as budgeting, nutrition, and job searching.

The Kids First Child Advocacy Center (CAC) provides a multidisciplinary advocacy team to serve severely abused children in the 9th Judicial District. It provides school resource libraries used by teachers, counselors and social workers as they work with students and their caregivers to mitigate the e ect of various forms of abuse on the learning process.

The Sexual Assault Center of east Tennessee, a subsidiary activity of the Helen Ross McNabb Center, provides sexual assault nurse examiners to assist victims in the immediate aftermath of rape; they also provide advocacy services, therapy to victims and education and outreach in the community.

Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) provides volunteers that are appointed by the Juvenile Judge to serve the best interest of children who, by virtue of their home environments, are at risk for or have been subjected to abuse and neglect and are being dealt with in the Juvenile Court system family courts. The CASA volunteer investigates and monitors the case providing judiciary reports and speaking at court hearings on behalf of the child, as necessary. A number of Tellico Village residents are trained CASA volunteers.

United Way provides funding to each of these agencies that permits them to o er a full-range of necessary services, some of which would be curtailed were it not for the funds provided by YOU and distributed through the United Way.

It is a fact that the support that is provided by United Way to agencies such as these four is so essential to the quality of life of our fellow citizens who are dealing with life threatening problems on an every-day basis. Your support goes directly toward helping these victims.

Source: Tell-e-gram

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