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Rapid Realty and Ready Realtors

Yes, there are Tellico Village homes for sale. Yes, they are going quickly and yes, we are here to help!

If you’ve been in the housing market lately, you’re probably wondered if the market is going to allow you to find your perfect home. Ideally, you would have the time to schedule a showing of the home, talk about it with friends and family, way the pros and cons, and maybe still even have some time in there to do a classic “I was going to that part of town” second and third drive by.

However, the housing market is living its best life and all us home buyers are stressed, in bidding wars and offering over asking price. If the housing market was a card game, I’d say it feels a lot like poker. You have no idea what the other guy is about to play and if you go big – the fall could be bigger.

Yes, homes for sale are a hot item right now, but here at Crye Like Realtors and Explore Tellico Village, our pace is the same it’s always been. We know the market is scary and we are here to help you every step of the way.

Whether it’s deciding if there’s a grocery store nearby (there is), if there is access to water (there is), and if the community has southern charm (they do) – we’re your question board and you can never ask too many.

The housing marking may be moving at a rapid pace, but our customer service and attentiveness to the needs and concerns of our buyers are still the same. Schedule a tour of Tellico Village, setup a meeting with our of our realtors, or ask about Tellico Village homes for sale today! Contact us today!

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