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Rapid Realty and Ready Realtors

Yes, there are Tellico Village homes for sale. Yes, they are going quickly and yes, we are here to help!

If you’ve been in the housing market lately, you’re probably wondered if the market is going to allow you to find your perfect home. Ideally, you would have the time to schedule a showing of the home, talk about it with friends and family, way the pros and cons, and maybe still even have some time in there to do a classic “I was going to that part of town” second and third drive by.

However, the housing market is living its best life and all us home buyers are stressed, in bidding wars and offering over asking price. If the housing market was a card game, I’d say it feels a lot like poker. You have no idea what the other guy is about to play and if you go big – the fall could be bigger.

Yes, homes for sale are a hot item right now, but here at Crye Like Realtors and Explore Tellico Village, our pace is the same it’s always been. We know the market is scary and we are here to help you every step of the way.

Whether it’s deciding if there’s a grocery store nearby (there is), if there is access to water (there is), and if the community has southern charm (they do) – we’re your question board and you can never ask too many.

The housing marking may be moving at a rapid pace, but our customer service and attentiveness to the needs and concerns of our buyers are still the same. Schedule a tour of Tellico Village, setup a meeting with our of our realtors, or ask about Tellico Village homes for sale today! Contact us today!

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Real Estate 101: What’s a Buyer’s Agent?

Confused by complicated real estate jargon? You’re not alone! Even the most well-informed home buyers and sellers are often at a loss when it comes to fully understanding who is who in the world of real estate.

We here at Crye Leike Realtors: Tellico Village hope to not only assist you in finding a new home here in Tellico Village / East Tennessee but also to help make being a home buyer or seller just a little bit easier by sharing our expertise with you. We’ve found it helpful to have a firm grasp on a few real estate basics – namely, the correct terms for the major players in your real estate deal.

One question we often get is “Do I need a buyer’s agent? What can a buyer’s agent do for me?” We’re here to help! This article covers what a buyer’s agent is, how they can help you, and the process.

Protect and promote their client’s interest:

When a seller lists a property for sale, the listing agent’s job is not only to find a buyer, but they also protect and promote the interest of the seller. A buyer’s agent’s job is not only to find the buyer a property, but they protect and promote the buyer’s interest.

Take you through the process:

The buyer’s agent writes the contract. This is really important. A strategic, well-written contract with attention to detail is one way you protect a client. Who pays closing costs? What happens if the inspection uncovers something bad? What happens if a defect is uncovered sometime in the future? The stack of paperwork to sell or buy a house is not just a stack of paperwork; it is a legal binding contract with significant implications. You want someone experienced looking out for you. After handling the ins and outs of the negotiation process to reach a contract, there is a fury of activity leading up to closing. Disclosures. Inspections. Repairs. Title research. Loan underwriting stipulations. Final inspection. Closing statement review. The buyer’s agent is with you every step of the way, from the start to the closing table.

Apply their expertise to help you:

A buyer’s agent helps you avoid pitfalls, and, yes, there are pitfalls. Every experienced full-time agent has stories of the wild and crazy things that happen in real estate. Its best to first avoid the pitfall, but if something should come up, to ethically and efficiently have the knowledge and expertise to handle it.

A buyer’s agent will be your advisor. Your advocate. Educate you on market conditions. Help you make better financial decisions. Do homework for you. Reduce your stress. Help you separate the emotion from the deal. Find a way for buyers to attain as many of their needs as possible when dealing with the realities of the market and their financial constraints. In summary, apply their experience and expertise to help you.

Help you find your perfect property:

Sometimes the perfect property is different than you originally had in mind. Financial considerations and the reality of the market take over. The awesome looking property you saw online turns out to be not so awesome when you actually tour it. The trick is to achieve the buyer’s lifestyle needs with a different set of features than originally anticipated.

Buyers want what they want. Sellers have what they have. As a buyer’s agent, I match them together. I go inside many for sale houses every week, week after week. I scour the MLS every day. I review every new property for sale, every price change, and every sale in the areas I work. It takes time to learn the market. A buyer’s agent can get a buyer up to speed quickly and narrow their search until they have identified their top choices.

In the early stages, a buyer researches online and browses houses for sale. At some point they need to get boots on the ground and take the search on the road. National Association of Realtors reports that in 2013, 68% of new home shoppers used mobile apps in their process. Eventually the search gets more serious, and we take to touring homes that meet price and other criteria, starting with the long list of possibilities and eventually getting to the short list of properties to visit a second time for a more in-depth look. A buyer’s agent helps you every step of the way by identifying properties, good and bad features of each property, and price comparable properties.

Online property searches are a great way buyers start their house hunt, but online searches are not complete, as they often contain errors and can be several days behind. A new listing that hits the MLS takes time to be on the popular websites. This is because it requires the agent to push the listing. It takes time. If the agent never pushes the listings, then they never make it online. That is why online searches are typically not complete.

When you’re seriously shopping and want the latest and greatest, most accurate, timeliest information, nothing beats an MLS Portal and a MLS email feed. An MLS portal is the public’s mainline access directly into the Knoxville Multiple Listing Service (MLS). It’s your way to get the data directly from the source. The only way to get an MLS Portal, login ID, and password is through a real estate buyer’s agent. The MLS email feed will send you an email when any new property or price change happens that meets your criteria. The Portal and email feed provide almost as much information as the real estate agent has.

When is the time to get a buyer’s agent?

Today! Now! Engage a buyer’s agent as early in the buying process as possible. Buying sometime next year? Then get a buyer’s agent NOW. Thinking of retiring to Tellico Village someday? Then get a buyer’s agent NOW. It’s never too early. What could you possibly be waiting for? It doesn’t cost the buyer any money. It doesn’t save the buyer or seller any money if you don’t use a buyer’s agent, so why not use them through the process, right from the beginning?

Want to learn more or schedule a tour of Tellico Village? Contact us today!

Article content originally written by: Tom Gongola, Crye Leike Realtor for Tellico Village

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Tellico Lake: More than just a Lake

When you see Tellico Lake homes for sale, most think – that’s nice….. IF you have a boat. But, without a boat, what’s the point of lakeside living?

Tellico Lake is more than just a lake that provides lakeside living, it’s a part of our East Tennessee history – not to mention a bonus feature to any home! Stretching 33 miles along the Little Tennessee River, this body of water provides locals with over 350 miles of shoreline and over 15,000 acres of water for recreational activities.

Tellico Lake provides lake activities such as fishing areas, campgrounds, day-use areas, and boat ramps. Whether you are looking for a quiet place to fish or a public dock for a weekend on the water – Tellico Lake has it all. In addition to providing locals with recreation water activities and a constant source of entertainment – Tellico Lake also provides a little piece of our East Tennessee history!

A lake is just a lake right? Wrong! Every place has a story, and Tellico Lake is no different. Much of Tellico Lake’s history comes from local attraction Fort Loudoun State Historic Park. This unique park is found on an island on the lake and boasts views of the Appalachian mountains.

Originally lying adjacent to Fort Loudoun Lake, it wasn’t until 1979 that the construction of the Tellico Dam allowed these two bodies of water (Fort Loudoun and Tellico Lake) to join forces to provide flood control, navigation, and power production. With cooler water than most lakes, this body of water gets its inflow of cold water from both the Chilhowee and Tellico Rivers.

In regards to fishing, Tellico Lake has been deemed a relatively infertile body of water and does not support a high density of fish. However, some of the most common game fish include largemouth and smallmouth bass, white crappie, bluegill, rainbow trout, and walleye.

Now when you see a Tellico Lake home for sale, you’ll think – what a place to live! We here at Explore Tellico Village are here to help you see the bigger picture! Want to learn more about Tellico Lake homes for sale or the Tellico Village area? Contact us today!

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Spring back into Social at Tellico Village!

Spring is just around the bend and surely as the sun comes out and the tulips begin to bloom – we find ourselves feeling a little more awake, alive and social. Tellico Village provides a certain lifestyle to all of those who live here, a lifestyle that encourages volunteering, fitness, the outdoors, education, but above all – community.

With all of the social butterflies coming out with the sun, here are a few social opportunities happening right here in Tellico Village!

Karaoke at Tellico Village Yacht Club: Are you interested in singing your favorite tune and enjoying a night out in an elegant venue? Join us at the Yacht Club on Thursday evenings from 6-9pm at the Blue Heron Restaurant! All singing levels are welcome!

Joints in Motion: Beginning this month, JIM will be led in the Warm Water Therapy Pool (yes, we have a fitness center with a wide variety of fitness amenities!) on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1-2pm. JIM is a warm water-based program that assists with balance, flexibility, posture and muscle strength. This social fitness option also decreases joint pain and weakness for those suffering from stiffness and chronic pain or in need of rehabilitation.

April Pickleball: Did you know the month of April is pickleball month? Well we here at Tellico Village are more than excited about it! In celebration, every Wednesday in April the Wellness Center will host drop-in pickleball from 2-4pm! New to the game? That’s okay! Our experienced club members will be there to teach you the rules of pickleball so you can get started on enjoying a fun new sport!

Yacht Club Events: Looking for some live music to liven up your weekends this April? We have just the solution! Stop by the Yacht Club Tiki Bar on Friday evenings to enjoy live music and dancing! Bands such as the Trent James Band, Barry Jolly, DJ Steve, and the Mighty Blue Band will be playing! Did we mention there’s a cash bar, no cover charge and it’s open to the public? Fridays never looked so good!

Tanasi Bar & Grill: We’ve taken care of your social schedule for Fridays (see Yacht Club Events above) and we can take care of your Mondays as well! Join us for Music Mondays at Tanasi Bar & Grill from 5:30-8:30pm for live music by the water! Bands such as JJ Tyson, Kenny Dykes, James Seaton, and 45 RPM will be there – how about you?

Fishing Club: Have you always been a fisherman but never had the community to enjoy it with? Join us at the Tellico Village Fishing Club! With educational gatherings featuring guest speakers and regular monthly meetings – this club is anything but fishy! Want to learn more or get involved? Contact Pete Young at 865-458-1527 or visit

Tellico Cruising (Boating) Club: Our Tellico Village lifestyle is often associated with lakeside living so it only makes sense that we would have a fun and active boating club! With monthly meetings, social hours and boat topics covering everything from pontoons, bow riders, wake boats, cruisers, and all motorized craft – anyone with any percentage of boat ownership is sure to want to be a part of this club! Find out more information at

Hiking Club: Are you an avid hiker but don’t want to go solo? Our Hiking Club has various hiking excursions featured every month! This month we are going to Ramsey Cascades, a difficult but beautiful 8-mile hike that boasts a multitude of waterfalls and rapids to view along the way. Not an advanced hiker? No problem! There’s an additional hike to Mouse Creek Falls on the schedule that’s only a little less than 5 miles and an easy hike with a moderate incline! No matter your skill level, we have hikes for everyone!

Feeling social yet? We sure are! Join us at Tellico Village as we create a community that’s more than just clubs and commonalities – but a lifestyle that supports your neighbors while building your social circle! Looking to make Tellico Village your home? Contact one of our Crye Leike realtors today at (865) 458-3000 to find the perfect home for you and your family. We have several homes with marvelous views of Tellico Lake and the Great Smoky Mountains. Want to schedule a tour? CLICK HERE!

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Announcing: Give Us Your Best Shot Photo Contest!

Are you an amateur photographer who is a Tellico Village home or property owner, renter, or full-time POA employee? Have you taken some great pictures in the Village or Tellico Lake in the immediate proximity of the Village? Then, GIVE US YOUR BEST SHOT!

Multiple organizations have come together to create and promote a Tellico Village Amateur Photography Contest entitled: GIVE US YOUR BEST SHOT! This contest is brought to you by: The Tellico Village Property Owners Association, in conjunction with Tellico Village Broadcasting, HomeOwners Association of Tellico Village, and The Connection and News-Herald.

The contest launched on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019 with all photo entries to be received by August 1, 2019.

Photo Submission Categories:

  • Tellico Village Nature: This can include flora, fauna, and scenic.
  • Tellico Village Lifestyles: This can include Villagers doing things and enjoying the abundant lifestyle diversity in Tellico Village.
  • Each contestant can enter up to four photos in total.

Dennis Sabo and Lynn Carter are the distinguished judges with Steve Meadows, Editor/Publisher of The Connection and Herald-News, serving as a tie breaking judge. Judging will take place August 2nd through August 31st. Winners will be announced early Fall 2019.

Where can you find all the contest information?

• Applications and instructions for photo submissions along with complete contest details, rules, technical requirements for photos, and a listing of all the awards and recognition can be found on the HomeOwners Association website

Tellico Villagers: Get your cameras out – get snapping – and – GIVE US YOUR BEST SHOT!

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Events for the Whole Family

Don’t let the cold weather keep you from having fun! There’s so much going on in Tellico Village and the surrounding East Tennessee area. From concerts and festivals to monster trucks, there’s something fun for the whole family!


Check out some highlights of events happening below:


  • Art Garfunkel, 8 pm, January 18, Bijou Theatre
  • The Devil Makes Three, 9 pm, January 19, The Mill & Mine
  • Tedeschi Trucks Band, 8 pm, January 22, Tennessee Theatre
  • Blue Highway, 8 pm, January 25, Open Chord
  • Knoxville Jazz Orchestra and Danfis Prieto, 8 pm, January 29, Bijou Theatre
  • Nile Rodgers and CHIC, 7:30 pm, January 30, Tennessee Theatre
  • Waynestock Festival 2019, February 1 and 2, Relix Valley Theatre
  • Young the Giant, 7:30 pm, February 6, Tennessee Theatre
  • James Taylor, 7:30 pm, February 7, Thompson-Boling Arena
  • Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors and Ellie Holcomb, 7 pm, February 9, Bijou Theatre
  • Bethel Music, 7 pm, February 10, Knoxville Civic Center
  • Walk the Moon and Bear Hands, 8 pm, February 14, Asheville, NC
  • Luke Combs, LANCO, and Jameson Rodgers, 7 pm, February 15, Thompson Boling Arena
  • Lauren Daigle, March 14, Knoxville Civic Center


Other Special Events

  • PBR Velocity Tour, 7 pm, February 2, Thompson Boling Arena
  • Knoxville Winter Warm-up Beer Festival, 1 pm, March 2, Emporium Center
  • Bassmaster Classic, March 15-17, Thompson Boling Arena


Ready to see all of these exciting events? It’s time to make Tellico Village home! We have several beautiful homes for sale right here in East Tennessee! Contact one of our Crye Leike realtors today to find the perfect home for you and your family. We have several homes with marvelous views of Tellico Lake and the Great Smoky Mountains. Don’t let the sun set on this opportunity, contact us today here or at (865) 458-3000!

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Ho Ho Holiday Lights!

In December, the temperatures get colder and outdoor activities become harder to find. This holiday season, grab the family and enjoy all the holiday lights East Tennessee has to offer. Here a a few places you and your family can go to see all the beautiful holiday lights:


Sevier County’s Winterfest

Sevier County has over 15 million lights throughout the county, and you can view these either on your own or by riding the Gatlinburg Winter Magic Trolley Ride of Lights. This is a fun experience for the whole family and is open through February 28, so you have plenty of time to see the magic.


Rock City’s Garden of Lights

Right on the Georgia-Tennessee line, not only will you “see Rock City” but you will also see all the lights Chattanooga has to offer! In Rock City’s Enchanted Garden of Lights you will have the chance to see over 1 million lights. You can also visit Ruby Falls Christmas Underground. Both are only a short drive from Tellico Village.


Bristol Speedway

Travel a 5-mile route to see over 2 million lights throughout Bristol’s pinnacle speedway. The speedway also offers an ice skating rink and has several Christmas shops which will be fun for the whole family.


Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas

Dollywood features over 4 million lights throughout the park. Whether they’re on buildings, gardens, signs, or throughout the Parade of Many Colors, Dollywood is guaranteed to put you in the holiday spirit. The park is open through January 3, 2018.


Knox County’s Holiday Festival of Lights

December 15-30 at the Cove in Knoxville, you can see the annual Holiday Festival of Lights. This 3-mile trail has several different light displays synchronized to music for a twist from your typical light display.


Make sure to get outside this holiday season and see all that Tellico Village has to offer! Looking to make Tellico Village your home? Contact one of our Crye Leike realtors today at (865) 458-3000 to find the perfect home for you and your family. We have several homes with marvelous views of Tellico Lake and the Great Smoky Mountains. Want to schedule a tour? CLICK HERE!

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United Way Campaign


We are well along in the campaign, but progress seems to be slowing. We thus far have donations of $65,812, which is 65% of the $100,000 goal. What is signi cant is that this amount has been donated by only 284 donors; this represents only 7% of the total families in the village. And of these donors many have given well over the $250 threshold; this means a small cohort of your neighbors are doing the bulk of the heavy lifting. The need in Loudon County is great inasmuch as many of our neighbors in the county need help in living satisfactory lives. So please, in this season of giving, if you have not already done so, please make your donation now. Your check can be mailed to Judy Gibbons, 216 Talah Way, Loudon, TN 37774.

Every dollar counts so please DONATE NOW! Want to learn more about events in the East Tennessee and Tellico Village community? Click here!

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Accounting Reminder

2018 is coming to an end soon and many of us are beginning to prepare for the new year ahead. Don’t forget though if you haven’t already paid for the month of December to get that taken care of before the new year rolls around. Also keep an eye out for your 2019 assessment coupons and auto draft letters in the mail as they will be mailed out soon!

Boat Dock Shortage

The community docks in the Loudon County portion of Tellico Village are all full and only a handful of slips are open in the Kahite neighborhood.

Building a new dock takes 5-6 months from the time that the POA Board gives project approval to the date when slips are ready to be occupied. So, if you want a slip in May/June, now is the time to act.

POA Board will not move forward with the project without first securing a sufficient number of commitments. Therefore, if this project is to happen, you need to act now.

If you don’t already lease a slip from the POA, but you will need one in 2019, we ask you to contact Karen Davis at the POA offices (865-458-5408 extension 4117, email: and submit your application together with a $250.00 deposit as soon as possible. She will then place you on the wait list for a slip in the community docks either at the Yacht Club or in the Tanasi Basin. If there are sufficient number of applications then we’ll take the project request to the Board, otherwise it could be another year before building additional docks could be considered. Don’t delay, act now!

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Tellico Village Reserve Funds

One of the strengths of Tellico Village is our financial stability. We have operated for over 30 years with an enviable track record of financial strength that many property owners’ associations would love to have. Through good times and bad, TVPOA has built and maintained infrastructure and amenities that are attractive and affordable, while planning for the future and for the unexpected. Each year’s budget is subjected to rigorous reviews by staff, the Finance Advisory Committee and the Board of Directors to ensure that we obtain good value for our resources and that we can fund our operations and capital plan within the assessments and user fees that are approved.

One element of the budget that receives extensive review is our plan for reserves funds. There are six reserve funds that are used to accumulate funds for future projects, to provide a financial cushion to absorb the bumps in the road that inevitably occur, and to accumulate funds for the annual TRDA lease payment. Following is a description of each fund, their sources of funding and some of the planned uses in 2019 and beyond.

Repairs and Maintenance Reserve Fund

The R&M Reserve is one of the three largest reserves, along with the Amenity Reserve, and the Water and Sewer Reserve. R&M is funded from the monthly assessment, and in 2018 received 13% of net collectable assessments. This level

of funding had been adequate for several years, but long-term estimates for road work indicated that this funding level needed to be increased. In 2019 R&M will be funded at 17.25% of net collectable assessments and at 20.75% thereafter. The R&M Reserve had a $1.15 million balance at the beginning of December. Significant amounts for road work (about $1 million) and a new dehumidifier and repairs to the Wellness Center ($570K) will reduce this reserve to about $262K by year-end 2019 before rebuilding with the increased funding level.

Amenity Reserve Fund

The Amenity Reserve has been funded at a rate of 4.5% of net collectable assessments for several years, and it is used to save up for major new amenities to be added during the Budget and Five-Year Plan. The last major new amenities were completed in 2014, those being the Pickleball courts at the Wellness Center and the Pavilion at Toqua Golf Club. Both of those projects were funded in their entirety from the Amenity Reserve. That reduced the Amenity Reserve temporarily, but we then began building the reserve for future amenity expansions. At the beginning of December, the Amenity Reserve had over $1.4M and another $400K will be added over the rest of 2018 and during 2019. We plan to use about $1.8M of this fund to help pay for the Kahite and Toqua clubhouse expansions. Yes, this will use most of the available Amenity Reserve funds, but we will begin saving again to meet future needs.

After the two clubhouse projects, there are no major new amenities included in the Five-Year Plan. Two smaller projects in 2021 and 2022 can be funded from future additions to the Amenity Reserve. During the 2019 budget process, we recognized that there is an expected shift in our longer-term needs away from more amenities toward repairs and maintenance, especially for road work. So, the sta recommended, and the Board approved, redirecting 3.5% of net collectable assessments away from the Amenity Reserve toward the R&M Reserve. This takes R&M funding from 17.25% up to 20.75%, and the Amenity funding from 4.5% to 1.0% of net collectable assessments beginning in 2020.

Water and Sewer Reserve Fund

The Water and Sewer Reserve is funded from water and sewer connection fees charged on new home construction plus approximately 5% of water and sewer revenues. Funds are used in large part to maintain our water distribution and sewer collection systems and to provide funds for expansion of those systems as the Village grows. There
is currently just over $1 million in the Water and Sewer Reserve. In addition to routine equipment replacements and maintenance projects, there is a new water tank scheduled in the Five-Year Plan for 2020 that will use a significant portion of this reserve before rebuilding over the next several years. One significant difference of the Water and Sewer Reserve is that 100% of the funding comes from water and sewer user fees, not from the monthly assessment. This is only fair in that water and sewer customers pay for the system that they use, while non-resident lot owners do not. If a lot owner decides to build a house on their lot, then the connection fees they pay at that time are deposited to the Water and Sewer Reserve. Our philosophy over the years has been that water and sewer capital and operating costs are paid for by water and sewer customers through their user fees.

Dock Reserve Fund

The Dock Reserve is funded from dock and PWC rental fees. Currently 16.25% of dock rentals fees and 8.25% of PWC rentals are contributed to the Docks Reserve. The funds are used for capital and major maintenance projects. There is currently about $110K in the Dock Reserve.

Safety Reserve Fund

The Safety Reserve is a carryover from our past practice of building up funds to pay for major capital projects of the Tellico Village Volunteer Fire Department. The expansion of the Fire Hall in 2012 was the last major project funded from this reserve. TVVFD is now responsible for funding their own capital projects out of their service contract with TVPOA and from their own fundraising programs. The Safety Reserve has a current balance of about $76K but no new funding is being added. It is available for funding any safety related project within Tellico Village.

TRDA Reserve Fund

Each year TVPOA makes a lease payment to the Tellico Reservoir Development Agency for the common property land and some of the buildings within Tellico Village. This lease was renegotiated in 2016 and changed from an operating lease (rent) to a capital lease (purchase) at a fixed rate of $400K per year through 2043. Each month we deposit one twelfth of the annual lease payment so that we have built up the full amount when it is due in December.


In summary, we manage our reserves funding and uses as an integral part of the overall budgeting and planning process. We make changes to the funding levels as our current and anticipated needs require. We are conservative
in our expansion plans and attempt to pay a large portion of the cost of new amenities from saved up reserves,
using debt only for those long-lived projects that are too big to fund entirely from cash. That was our practice when the Wellness Center was built in 2006 and continues to this day as we will pay about 62% of the capital cost of the two clubhouses from cash and finance about 38% with bank financing. While we will be using most of our Amenity Reserves in 2019, the remaining reserve accounts will remain robust enough to meet current projected requirements.