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Save a Pumpkin, Carve a Lifestyle!

Fall in Tellico Village is the perfect time to get out and explore all the area has to offer. It is also an excellent time to watch a beautiful sunrise or sunset in the mountains of East Tennessee. Whether you are looking to move to the area or you have lived here for many years, there are many sights to see. Below are a couple of the scenic areas you and your family can enjoy.

Max Patch

Soak up an incredible sunrise or sunset at this beautiful grassy summit. Bring a blanket, a camera, and the pets and plan to stay for a while to enjoy the view. This 360 view allows you to see North Carolina and Tennessee at the same time all while enjoying this stop on the Appalachian Trail. This hike is relatively moderate at 1.5 miles roundtrip.

Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area

This park is home to over 180 miles of hiking trails and 35 miles of biking trails. Feel free to spend all day exploring the trails and finish the day at the East Rim Overlook where you can view a breathtaking sunset. This park is just an hour north of Knoxville and worth the drive to see the striking sandstone bluffs. The trails range from short and easy to long and strenuous hikes.

Make Tellico Village Home

Looking to experience these spectacular views and more every day? We have beautiful homes for sale right here in Tellico Village! Contact one of our Crye Leike realtors today to find the perfect home for you and your family. We have several homes with marvelous views of Tellico Lake and the Great Smoky Mountains. Don’t let the sun set on this opportunity, contact us today at (865) 458-3000! Want to send us a message? Visit our contact page HERE.

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Simon Bradbury Elected President of TRPA

This past Saturday our very own Recreation Director Simon Bradbury was named President of the TRPA (Tennessee Recreation and Parks Association). TRPA is a non-pro t professional society that has been servicing Tennessee since 1952 and currently consists of 800 members.

Simon has over 20 years of experience in professional recreation management. He has also collected a CPRE certification along with his bachelor’s degree in Recreation Management, as well as, a master’s degree in Therapeutic Recreation. Simon also graduated from the following institutions; National Director’s School and Graduate Program, Revenue Management School, and Parks Maintenance School.

Simon was instructed, as tradition, to select people who inspire him to induct him. He was sworn in as president by his family as well as Doug Bataille, founder of the Legacy Parks Foundation.

Simon described this honor as, “One of life’s truly rewarding moments. Feeling blessed, humbled, touched, grateful, and incredibly red up,” Simon also said that, “I decided years ago while in the Navy that if I make it out, I will do something fun that gives back to the community as my career.” He found that recreation management was exactly the career for that.

Simon has been with the POA for 2 years and with the TRPA for 20. We are very fortunate to have him as a part of our team and want to congratulate him and wish him the best in his new role.

Source: Tell-e-gram. Download a copy here.

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Adding Value .5 Miles at Time

Recreation has been at the subject of many recent conversations in the last couple of months with the Wellness Center grand reopening. We are extremely pleased with the updates that were made to the facilities, which included new fitness equipment and refinishing the pool. However, these are not the only progressive actions that the Recreation Department has taken to enhance the Tellico Village lifestyle.

Other than the newly redesigned Wellness Center, there are also multiple ways to be active and enjoy the outdoors here in the Village other than the lake or golf course. We take exceptional pride in our hiking trails, which are available due largely in part to the vision of Recreation Director Simon Bradbury, as well as the dedication of the Public Works Department and several Village volunteers affectionately known as the “Chain Gang.”

A special thanks for our volunteers is in order. We would like to thank Ron Hunker, Steve Shuman, Bob Sagan, Curt Mitchell, TL Ratcliff, Brian Johnson, Bob Gregory, and Gary Mulliner. Also, thank you to anyone who has helped and is still helping out with this massive undertaking, and for helping to make the Village a better place.

Tellico Village currently has around 13 miles of hiking trails including those in Kahite, with plans to continue expansion of the trail network. Recreation Director, Simon Bradbury, has plans for over 20 additional miles of trails in the future.

Recent expansion includes a one mile extension onto the current Toqua trail connecting it to 444 where it will go under the bridge and connect to the Powerline trail. This trail will take you all the way to the POA office. At the Wellness Center, the Chain Gang Break Trail was recently completed with the addition of .37 miles.

Although I’ve been to many ribbon cuttings and trail openings, I did not have the opportunity to take advantage of the trails until recently. My wife and I finally got the chance to go out and experience them ourselves. I was thoroughly impressed with the hard work of all those involved in creating these trails. They have created a network with a wide range of trail types, from natural to paved, that will please every level of hiker. To have amenities like these readily available so close is something that we shouldn’t take for granted. As we head into cooler weather and the leaves proceed to change, I encourage you to try one of our many trails and enjoy the natural beauty of Tellico Village.

Source: Tell-e-gram. Download yours here.

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Long Range Strategic Plan Update

Long Range Planning Advisory Committee

Over 40% of Tellico Village property owners completed the Long Range Strategic Plan (LRSP) Questionnaire. This level of participation is unprecedented and the Long Range Planning Advisory Committee (LRPAC) wants to thank all you who took the time to help, “Shape Our Future”. This input will be an important element in the committee’s nal recommendations to the POA. The final LRSP will include other sources of information including data analysis and forecasting, benchmarking other active adult communities, focus groups, and much more. We are still analyzing the results which include reviewing over 1,900 comments. As promised, one of the basic tenets of the LRPAC is communication and transparency. Therefore the LRPAC will now share some partial and preliminary results.


  • 61% of respondents chose the following vision statement: Maintain what we have, adding amenities only when needed and justified. Assessments and fees will be raised only enough to pay for infrastructure maintenance and justified amenities.
  • 33% of respondents chose the following vision statement: Tellico Village will set the standard for active adult communities by continuously improving our community and by adapting to our property owners’ changing needs. Assessments and fees will be increased to achieve a best in class community with a high-quality lifestyle but remain competitive and fiscally stable.
  • 5% of respondents chose the following vision statement: Maintain the Village as it is without adding additional amenities or expanding existing facilities. Assessments and fees will only be increased for existing infrastructure maintenance and inflation.
  • The “Vision” results were similar across age and residency bands.
  • 51% of respondents want to keep TV primarily as a retirement community and 38% supported encouraging working adults and families to move into TV.


  • 85% of respondents were 60-79 years of age; 9% were younger than 59; 6% were older than 80.
  • 38% of households had lived in the Village less than 5 years; 21% 5-10; 33% 11-20; 9% 20+ years.

Top Priorities

  • Village finances, aesthetics and environment, growth, recreational amenities, and property owners’ vision for the future of the Village were chosen as the 5 top priorities.
  • Finance was the number 1 priority issue.
  • 84% of respondents are satis ed with TV’s aesthetics but many comments suggested concern for the future. Concerns included maintaining our natural environment and enforcement of Village rules.
  • Our restaurants, recreational facilities, waterfront, and golf were all chosen as enhancing the value of TV. Commercial businesses had the lowest percentage of responses to this question.
  • Overwhelmingly, our recreational facilities (golf, wellness center, etc.) met or exceeded expectations.


  • 67% of respondents were very satisfied or satisfied with our current and projected growth, 13% were very dissatisfied or dissatisfied.
  • When asked how the POA should approach growth 53% of respondents chose “encourage growth and plan for it” while 38% chose “allow growth to occur passively”

The next step in the development of the Long Range Strategic Plan will be conducting focus groups. Over 600 Villagers volunteered to participate in the focus groups. These will occur in November so stay tuned.

If you have any questions for the LRPAC about the Long Range Strategic Plan you may submit your questions or comments at:

Source: Tell-e-gram. Download yours here.

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Tellico Community Foundation: Funding Focus Areas Announced

Seeking to meet unique and currently unmet needs in the community, the Tellico Community Foundation (TCF) has established four focus areas. The TCF’s nine-member Advisory Board has determined the four areas will be its grantmaking emphasis for the next 2-3 years.

One area of attention will be Early Childhood Literacy and addressing the literacy needs of the surrounding Loudon and Monroe County communities, including both English and Spanish-speaking populations. Nearly two- thirds of Tennessee’s 3rd grade public school children aren’t proficient in reading and math. The TCF will explore opportunities to underwrite activities which will contribute to improve proficiencies in these disciplines.

The TCF’s second area of focus is the Opioid Crisis. This epidemic of prescription painkillers and illegal drugs touches nearby communities as well as Tellico Village. More people die from drug overdoses than are killed in traffic accidents in Tennessee, and the number is growing. TCF efforts in this focus area will be on providing education as well as support for collaborative interventions.

Support for Seniors is the third focus area. Aging populations are not only found in Tellico Village but throughout Loudon and Monroe Counties. While there are many excellent resources supporting senior needs, including STAYinTV, the TCF is considering a services referral program among other approaches in coordination with other senior support groups to achieve maximum impact.

The final of the four focus areas is Community Enrichment. The foundation will identify opportunities to channel support for funds targeted at community-focused projects either initiated by the TCF or others. This is the least developed of the four focus areas, but one believed to be important in fulfilling the foundation’s mission.

Further information about the Tellico Community Foundation and its activities can be found here, on the organization’s TellicoLife page, or in the new TCF brochure available at the Tellico Village Welcome Center.

In addition, a new Tellico Village Broadcasting series entitled “FOUNDATION Matters” provides information and updates on the TCF. The initial episode can be found under “Videos” , and then “Vimeo” here.

Donations to TCF can be made online here or by contacting Trudy Hughes of the East Tennessee Foundation at or at (877) 524-1223.

Source: Tell-e-gram, download here.

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WATeR, Watershed Association of the Tellico Reservior

WATeR needs your support!

Thank you, Tellico Villagers, for your support of the Watershed Association of the Tellico Reservoir (WATeR). Your donations of time and funds have been instrumental in the success of the Association for the past 15 years. As the Tellico Reservoir watershed transitions from an agricultural to a more residential region, the effort needed to maintain the water quality, outdoor recreational opportunities, and the natural beauty we enjoy is increasing. WATeR needs volunteers to continue its work to monitor, protect, and improve the environment in and around the Tellico Reservoir.

Their programs include: lakeshore cleanup; maintenance/improvement of the East Lakeshore National Recreation Trail; water quality improvement in Tellico Reservoir and its watershed; education; publicity; and communication with local and governmental organizations. New people and ideas are welcome in all programs, to resolve challenges that will arise as uses of the Tellico Reservoir and its watershed increase in the future. Volunteers are sought for the WATeR Board, its committees, and its outdoor activities:

WATeR Board Members

Board Members establish policy, approve projects and budgets, provide scal oversight, assist with grant applications, and communicate via meetings, mailings, and print and electronic media to members and local/ state organizations for WATeR. The Board meets monthly.

WATeR Committee Members

WATeR has committees for water quality, lakeshore/watershed cleanup, trails, education, publicity, and membership. Volunteers are needed for all WATeR committees, and for assistance with an annual meeting, a website, and other tasks where a specialist is needed. Water quality sampling, watershed cleanup, and trail maintenance/improvement are outdoor activities.


There is currently a critical need for Adopt-A-Site volunteers. The Adopt-A-Site program volunteers maintain nine speci c sites that need attention more than once a year on the annual cleanup. Some sites are on the East Lakeshore Trail and others are along the Tellico Reservoir.

For more information about these opportunities, please visit our website, and select the “How to Help” or “About Us” tabs. To our members, thank you for your past support. We look forward to your continued contributions to improving the Tellico Reservoir watershed.

Source: Tell-e-Gram. Download here.

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The Unexpected Benefits of Marketing Tellico Village


By Joe Bogardus, TVPOA Marketing Team Member, Source: Tell-e-Gram. Download here.

For years, former Tellico Village Boards struggled to find a solution on how to sell hundreds of non-revenue generating lots which had reverted to the Tellico Village Property Owners Association (TVPOA). These lots represented hundreds of thousands of dollars of missed assessment income. Although buildable, these lots were small, internal and did not have lake or mountain views.

With the successful re-launch of the Tellico Village brand in 2013, demand for housing increased. Over the ensuing years, new arrivals quickly purchased available homes in the 1,800 to 2,500 square foot range, dramatically depleting this inventory segment.

In the late fall of 2014, Beth Kuberka, TVPOA director of marketing communications, conceived and convinced the Board to trial a building program in the southern end of the community where there was a concentration of TVPOA owned lots. Working with Mashburn Homes, 1500 to 1800 square foot homes were built and a neighborhood was created with sidewalks, street lamps, decorative mail boxes and a small park.

In less than two years, the Cheeyo Place Park test was nearly sold out and three additional projects with approved by the Board in Mialaquo Coves, Chatuga Point and Tanasi Hills. All are neighborhoods with high numbers of non-revenue-generating lots. By year end 2017, sales totaled 42 TVPOA lots in the four neighborhoods.

Kuberka has continued to market these types of lots to builders throughout the Village. By year end 2018 an additional 60 TVPOA lots will have been sold. Since 2013 to the end of this year, 182 non-revenue generating lots will have been converted to occupied residences paying monthly assessments. Depending on the 2019 monthly assessment, it is projected these lots will produce between $275,000 to $290,000 worth of 2019 income. The actual net sales revenue for these lots produced more than $200,000 of revenue.

In the summer of 2012, when the marketing program was created the main emphasis was to influence Villager property values and lessen time of market for community homes. This still remains the overarching objective of the program today, and the effort has proven highly successful.

An unexpected benefit has been the opportunity to address the TVPOA lot issue. Thanks to the increased awareness for the brand and interest in living the Tellico Village lifestyle, more active adults are selecting the Village to enjoy the next phase of their lives. Some, not able to find the right size home, are building on TVPOA lots. With more than 780 lots, either currently under or soon to be under TVPOA control, supported by ongoing investment in the Tellico Village brand, this initiative offers the best chance to continue to convert non-paying lots into revenue generators well into the future to the benefit of all Villagers.

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Twilight Golf Trial Approved!

Rate Trial Period 7 – 0

Discounted rates to be effective until November 02, 2018. PLAY GOLF AND MAKE THIS TRIAL PERIOD A SUCCESS! Mike Colacone presented the Proposal for Twilight Golf Rates Trial Period at the POA Board Meeting. Information regarding the proposal. The rate structure can be viewed on the POA Website at under the “Golf” section or at the following link:

The Golf Ad-Hoc Committee hope you enjoy this program, participate to the full extent of the program, and help make this trial period a success.

Source: Tell-e-gram. View Tell-e-gram here.

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September Village Update

New Beginner Tai Chi Class: Starting September 6

The Taoist Tai Chi Society of the USA will o er a beginner Tai Chi class 10:30 a.m. – noon on Thursdays, starting September 6 in the Wellness Center. (You do not need to be a member of the Wellness Center to attend.) This four-month class covers a 108-move Tai Chi set. Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese internal martial art – widely known for its health benefits. These include increased flexibility, strength, improved balance, and a calmer mind. Tai Chi can be practice by people of all ages and physical abilities. The Taoist Tai Chi Society of the USA is a tax- exempt, charitable organization whose accredited volunteer instructors donate their time in order to share the health-giving benefits of Taoist Tai Chi arts. For more information, contact Gail Eades at 865-599-6785 or visit

Homecoming Sunday: September 9th

Homecoming Sunday is a day the Community Church at Tellico Village will celebrate their 30th anniversary of being a church family. They are encouraging everyone to invite past members and friends back to church or new friends that are looking for a church family to help celebrate this important milestone on September 9th. There will be one service that day at 10:15am along with a series of presentations and acknowledgements of the service and support the Community Church as provided to various local organizations as well as the local community. The church has arranged for a fully catered lunch to be served after the 10:15pm service, on September 9th. Tickets can be purchased at the church office during the week. Each lunch ticket is $10 and includes a pulled pork sandwich, three sides and your choice of banana pudding or peach cobbler. Deadline for purchasing tickets is August 17th. For additional information the church office phone number is: 865-458-1516 and for more details the web site is:

MS Support Group: 3rd Tuesdays of the Month

Tellico Village is starting a support group, “Standing Up to MS”, for those impacted by MS- individuals, support partners, and health care professionals. The group meets every third Tuesday of the month at the Thai Bistro Restaurant in the Main Village at 11:30 AM. We would like to have this information posted in the Connection Calendar of Events. For further information, please contact Patricia Garrett, 423-884-3894 / patgarrett@tds. net or Vicky St. John, (513) 477-0453 /


Source: TVPOA Tell-E-Gram, PDF Here

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Tellico Village: Group Hiking meets East Lakeshore Trail!

Featured Hike: East Lakeshore Trail

What’s a good local hike? How about the 2.5 miles of the Sinking Creek Branch of East Lakeshore Trail! Not a solo hiker but rather looking for a group? Tellico Village has group hikes on the 3rd Tuesday of every month!

This past month, August, Tellico Village hikers gathered at the Poplar Springs Boat Ramp parking lot at 9:00 AM to carpool to the trail head. Hikers coming from Kahite met around 9:15 AM at the Sinking Creek Trailhead, which is at the intersection of Axley Chapel Road and National Campground Road. The East Lakeshore Trails are just across the lake from the Tellico Village community and is one of the most beautiful and accessible hiking trails in East Tennessee. This trail has even been designated as National Recreation Trails by the Department of the Interior!

Source: TVPOA Tell-E-Gram, PDF Here

If you would like to become more familiar with these trails and/or would just like to take a short 2 1/2 to 3 mile hike, then come join us on the 3rd Tuesday of every month! All of our monthly hikes should noon-ish (no later than 11:30 AM).

This past hike was lead by Larry Elder and Jon Foreman. For additional information feel free to contact: Larry: / 865-657-9722 or Jon: / 412-337-5500