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TVB Corner

Learn about upcoming Town Hall meetings on Tellico Village Broadcasting’s POA update! Learn about the important upcoming Town Hall meetings and more about what your POA is doing. Just click this link and watch it anytime, anywhere, online. Tellico Village Charter/Spectrum subscriber can also watch it on channel 193 on their Televisions.

Top pick from one year ago. This program showcasing what there is to do in Tellico Village for New Villagers was a hit. Many Villagers emailed this link to neighbors from back home, friends and relatives back home when asked what is there to do in and around Tellico Village?

Creative power is always appreciated at TVB. TVB runs on volunteer power. The roles our volunteers play is varied depending on their skills, and frankly what it is they want to do. People with organizational, writing, computer, marketing, communication, technical, camera, on -camera talent interests are all welcome. Some of our sta joined us because they enjoy recording home videos and saw TVB as an opportunity to learn how to record better videos. Others had program ideas and now produce. Some are active with other organizations such as HOA and work as liaisons to share highlights and happenings of their groups. Yet others believe TVB is a unique asset of Tellico Village that is the only broadcasting facility that is dedicated to providing Tellico Villagers news and information.

Act now and see TVB Volunteers in action! Put TVB on your bucket list of things to do in 2019. Questions? Contact Station Manager Keith Sanderson at or call him at 847-452- 1891.

TVB is Tellico Village Broadcasting has dedicated more than 25 years in bringing Tellico Villagers news and more. Tellico Village Charter/Spectrum subscribers can watch us on their televisions on channel 193.

Source: Tell-e-gram