Taxes & Cost of Living: Living in Tennessee is easy on the wallet.

If the beauty of both the landscape, location and people don’t sell you on living in East Tennessee – we are more than happy to provide you with the more practical approach, the financial benefits.

Here in Tennessee we enjoy NO state earned income tax and the cost of living in the Tellico Village area is 19% lower than the national average.  In 2016, Tennessee was ranked as having the 6th lowest tax rate in the country, which puts us at 26% less than the national average. Renewing you car license plate won’t be cost prohibitive – at $25.00 per car it’s quite affordable – and the Loudon County Clerk has office hours on Thursdays in the Village so doing business with the county is super convenient.  Property taxes are also lower – when you buy a home in Tellico Village you are rest assured that your property taxes will be lower than what you have been paying elsewhere because here you only pay COUNTY taxes. Yes, retirement in East Tennessee never sounded so sweet.

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