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Weather: Enjoy Four Season Living in East Tennessee.

Are you tired of the cold Northern winters or do you miss the changing seasons? Here in East Tennessee we can take care of both of those problems –  enjoy the four seasons without the long cold winters, ice and snow that folks have ‘Up North’!  Our spring and fall weather lasts months (not weeks) and the summer heat is offset by cooler mornings and evenings so you can still get out and enjoy being outside.

The winters are cold enough to bring just enough snow to cover your yard but without shoveling the driveway. Although your home may have a decoration of white, the snow is very rarely a cause for you to be “home bound.” Winters are just as they should be, cold enough for your favorite sweater, just enough snow for the grandchildren to play in, and just enough warmth for clear roads by mid-morning.

Springs are the most unpredictable of months as you get a taste of both winter and summer. East Tennessee springs come with an array of blooms from dogwood trees to pink cherry blossoms. Summers are filled with beautiful lakes and a constant backdrop of green mountains that always seem to be calling your name.

The most breathtaking season of all is fall. A time where the temperature is just right: warm with a gentle wind. The mountains and trees fill with an array of colors from the darkest of yellows to the brightest of reds. A season where rocking chairs, s’mores by the fire and nights on the patio with good company is a must.

Average Temps in East Tennessee

Jan Feb Mar Apr May June Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Hi 47 52 61 71 78 85 88 87 81 71 60 50
Low 30 33 40 48 57 65 69 68 62 49 41 34

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